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  1. Below are the lite and full installer of BattleRO If you want to download the lite installer then you must have a complete clean KRO client. LITE INSTALLER MEGA.NZ 311mb | FULL INSTALLER MEGA.NZ 3GB |
  2. THE COMMANDMENTS OF BATTLE RAGNAROK ONLINE GENERAL BEHAVIOR AND RELATIONSHIP TO OTHERS It is your OWN responsibility to take care of your OWN ACCOUNT and no one else, not even the GM Team. Try not to be scammed or hacked. Take good care of your account and never share it to anyone. Botting is strictly prohibited Load trading is prohibited here in the server. Real money trading is also prohibited in the server and we do not entertain scams regarding RMT Report illegal activities to our game staffs. The GM team has the right to confiscate any item if we see there is an anomaly after proper investigation. Respect your fellow players at all times Respect Game Masters and do not beg for items. Real GMs will never ask for your account information. So do not give your account information to someone impersonating as a GM. We do not entertain scams/hacks cases. Do not be a lazy bum. WAR OF EMPERIUM Do not create a guild with similar name as another existing guild or use an emblem that is already used by another guild. Do not use the "invite to party/Invite as friend menu option to distract players while WoE. Do not trade players in WoE
  3. Below are the list of Battle Ragnarok Online Officials. * Zeref * Administrator/Owner Location: Los Angeles, CA * Arch * Developer/Co-Owner Location: Philippines * Heaven * Head Game Master,GM Trainer Location: Philippines
  4. SERVER INFORMATION ☑ ----------------------------------------- ✎ Max Base Level: 99 ✎ Max Job Level: 70 ✎ Base Experience: 50x ✎ Job Experience: 50x ✎ Episode: 12 - Destruction of morocc ✎ Language: Tagalog, English ✎ Hosted in Singapore ✎ Mechanics: Pre-Renewal ✎ Server Protection: Gepard Shield 3.0 ✎ Multi-client: disabled ✎ MVP Card Drop: 0.01% ✎ Party Size: 10 ✎ Maximum ASPD: 190 ✎ Instant Cast: 150 FEATURES ☑ ----------------------------------------- ✎ LGP - Graphics Plugin ✎ War of Emperium ✎ PVP ✎ Break the seal quest ✎ MVP Cards enabled ✎ God Items enabled[nerf Meginjard] ✎ Server blocks all Keyboard Macro and auto potion tools. ✎ NPC: Basic mall NPC, Basic Warper, Healer, Stat Reset ✎ Guild Package ✎ Daily and hourly token rewards ✎ non donors are able to catch up to donor players. ✎ Custom prontera map that you and your friends will enjoy. ✎ Meginjard nerfed to +20 Str ✎Account bound god items once made